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We have combined our experience in software development and commodity trading with valuable feedback from leading European energy trading organizations to create a unique surveillance application that bundles proven transaction surveillance methodology with commodity trading specific functionality. The system supports the full MAR compliance lifecycle

  • automated detection of pre-configured suspicious pattern
  • result analysis supporting the investigation
  • workflow management enabling the processing of suspicious transactions and the generation of STOR reports

Key Features of ferdecTS®

Energy Trading Specific Methodology

– analysing energy-specific pattern by decomposing and grouping of transaction data into energy-specific product classes, modelling cross-commodity and cross-market relationships, considering energy and financial positions, etc.

Multi-Layer Analysis Framework

– pre-configured REMIT and MAR libraries to analyse prohibited patterns as defined by the regulatory authorities, designed to pinpoint suspicious transactions and measure the inherent market abuse potential

Process Integration and STOR reporting

– result analysis cockpit supporting the investigation and processing of suspicious transactions and the generation of STOR reports

Alert Dashboard

– featuring a traffic light alert mechanism with adjustable thresholds, that guides users effectively through the identified pattern down to transaction level

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