Transaction Surveillance

Transaction Surveillance with ferdecTS®

Specialised Surveillance for Energy and Commodity Trading

ferdecTS® is a fully integrated transaction surveillance solution with a leading-edge data analytics engine. While ferdecTS® is specifically designed for physical energy and commodity trading – it also easily and effectively handles purely financial transactions, the focus of most other vendor solutions. The unique analysis approach used by fedecTS® significantly reduces the number of false positives generated, leading to a leaner, more costs effective compliance function without sacrificing accuracy or effectiveness.

  • ferdecTS® processes trade information from multiple exchanges and broker platforms as well as OTC bilateral transactions and other physical market information including urgent market messages, asset information, transport/transmission capacities and physical positions required to detect suspicious behaviour patterns.
  • ferdecTS® analysis engine uses a unique, multi-level approach where pattern detection extends beyond standard traded instruments to examine anomalies more likely to comprise part of an abusive strategy, many of which are invisible to most other surveillance solutions.
  • ferdecTS® can detect all key market abuse patterns, including all the MAR and REMIT patterns. It is even capable of effective analysis when only a subset of available market data is provided.
  • ferdecTS® analysis engine approach decomposes energy and commodity instruments (e.g. from Quarters to Months) and groups relevant transaction data into specific product classes, thus accurately modelling cross-commodity and cross-market relationships.
  • ferdecTS® provides out of the box functionality for drill down analysis, case management workflow and reporting.


Physical energy and commodity markets introduce a significantly higher level of complexity for effective trade surveillance. ferdecTS® is the only solution designed to deal with this complexity.

Key Benefits ferdecTS®

Effective Surveillance for Energy and Commodities

Complete confidence that effective surveillance is in place for energy and commodity trading, particularly for physical markets. Regulators are getting smarter about how they detect abuse in these markets – so should your organisation.

Rapid Implementation

Plug-and-play capability and automated data configuration allowing for rapid implementation and ramp-up. The configuration of transaction reference data is made largely obsolete, reducing the need for expensive, time-consuming implementation programs.

Efficient Surveillance

Lower surveillance function overheads due to fewer false positive alerts, without sacrificing accuracy or effectiveness due to the sophisticated ferdecTS® data analytics engine and unique layered analysis approach.

Low Maintenance

ferdecTS® is shipped with a pre-calibrated parameter set and, given its unique design, requires limited ongoing adjustments to alert thresholds. This releases your compliance resources to focus on their core tasks.

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