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ferdecTS® 3.0 Release Announcement

April 1st, 2017 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “ferdecTS® 3.0 Release Announcement”

FERDEC is proud to announce the third release of its energy transaction / trade surveillance software ferdecTS® 3.0.

ferdecTS® 3.0 is now capable of including transactions with custom delivery periods as well as sub-monthly and intra-day transactions in its state of the art Energy Product Mode. The new ad-hoc analysis run mode supports the generation of results on subsets of data with individualized parameters and thresholds. In combination with the enhanced Analysis Replay which now also shows the detailed information for energy product transactions, ferdecTS® 3.0 offers even more analysis depth and supports faster calibration.

With these latest enhancements ferdecTS® further extends its maturity and position as the leading European Energy Market Transaction Surveillance solution.

For more information or demo workshop request please contact Christian Endter at christian.endter@ferdec.com.

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