ferdecTS® 6.0 Release Announcement

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FERDEC is delighted to announce the latest release of its energy and commodity specialised transaction surveillance software – ferdecTS® R6.0


Wednesday, 31st July 2019 – Berlin. FERDEC is delighted to announce the latest release of its energy and commodity specialised transaction surveillance software ferdecTS® R6.0 with significant enhancements to its market leading energy and commodity market capabilities. This release also marks the first milestone toward integrating transaction surveillance into the CubeLogic risk and regulation platform following the acquisition of FERDEC earlier this year.

In response to the recent flurry of activity by Regulators in physical energy markets, Version 6.0 features additions and enhancements to our market leading ferdecTS® analytics engine relevant to these developments. “There is compelling evidence to suggest that energy regulators in Europe and the US are getting to grips with identifying abusive behaviour in physical energy markets. Many of the enhancements in R6.0 reflect this trend”, says David Priestley, Chairman of CubeLogic. “There is finally broad consensus emerging that effective surveillance in these markets is the only way to stay ahead of the regulators with any sort of confidence.”

Enhancements have been made to the ferdecTS® Insider Trading indicator, itself a market first having been in place for several years already. Now the physical aspects of Urgent Market Messages (UMMs) are dynamically analysed and applied to the relevant market segments at contract level to consider the timing, size and relevance of each UMM. This significantly raises the precision of the indicator and significantly reduces the number of false positives produced. This is a timely enhancement given the recent consultation launched[1] by ACER, the pan-European power and gas regulator, on the disclosure of inside information – undoubtedly a harbinger of future regulatory focus in this area.

We have further introduced a new indicator to enable Capacity Monitoring. This indicator incorporates the results of auctions in the energy markets and alerts firms when they near a position that enables them to exert market power in adjacent markets/market areas – a behaviour which is increasingly attracting regulatory scrutiny. The logic identifies such activity between both interconnected markets and bidding zones, all of which come pre-mapped and configured in our standard solution.

Finally, significant enhancements have been made to our market abuse indicator repository which now enables firms to accurately identify instances of Pre-arranged Trading. The new pattern alert works in part by considering the conformity of trade executions with the order book to identify where collusion might have taken place.

In addition to our core functional enhancements, improvements have also been made to our analytics engine and User Interface to improve both usability and efficiency in producing and analysing results.

We are confident that with these enhancements, along with our committed, funded roadmap, ferdecTS® remains the undisputed leader in effective surveillance in physical energy and commodity markets.

A truly strategic Risk and Regulation platform emerges
Following the FERDEC acquisition earlier this year, work is underway to integrate the ferdecTS® surveillance analytics engine into CubeLogic’s market leading RiskCubed platform. While both RiskCubed and ferdecTS® will continue to be available and used as standalone propositions, our integrated strategic platform will be a complete solution for our clients providing a unique, SaaS based ‘one stop shop’ for market, credit and liquidity risk management, regulatory reporting, position limit management and transaction surveillance. Along with cutting edge applications like our Sentiment Analysis tool which uses the latest in AI and Machine Learning technology, firms will be able to view and manage emerging risks on a pre-emptive basis. “This is an exciting development for us as firms are clearly starting to look at consolidating the rapidly increasing number of related data sources and applications as a way of improving performance and reducing overheads” said Lee Campbell, CEO of CubeLogic. “Our strategic platform will enable our clients to select the range of solutions they need whilst reducing the time and effort spent on acquiring and licensing data and applications, as well as relying on multiple channels for support”. More news concerning our strategic platform will follow later in 2019.

[1] https://www.acer.europa.eu/Official_documents/Public_consultations/Pages/PC_2019_R_05.aspx


About FERDEC and CubeLogic
FERDEC is a CubeLogic owned company. CubeLogic is the supplier of the RiskCubed business intelligence enabled risk management platform for all energy, commodity and financial markets exposures arising from market risk, credit risk, liquidity risk and regulatory compliance. CubeLogic’s founders are renowned experienced industry specialists who have an impressive track record of developing and implementing global risk IT solutions.

About ferdecTS®
ferdecTS® is our flagship product and is recognised as a market leading, fully integrated transaction surveillance solution with a leading-edge data analytics engine designed specifically for energy and commodity markets. ferdecTS® ingests and processes information from multiple sources (incl. ETRM systems, Broker and Exchange platforms, market information systems, inside information publication sources etc.) to identify suspicious trading activities and supports the full MAR compliance lifecycle.

For more information please contact:
Christian Endter, Managing Director / christian.endter@ferdec.com / Tel: +49 151 1132 0535

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