Decision Support Services

Vendor and Software Selection

Vendor Pre-Selection | Requirements Matching

In order to allow you a timely and efficient energy / commodity trading software selection process, FERDEC can support your team by evaluating and pre-selecting the best fitting Energy / commodity trading software providers. FERDEC maintains an up-to-date overview of vendor capabilities and can quickly evaluate their match against your requirements.

Project Setup & Timeline Validation

Energy / commodity trading software implementation projects are complex by nature. It is crucial to set up a balanced project that fits to both the vendor’s implementation approach AND your strengths and capabilities. FERDEC can help you reviewing the vendor’s delivery approach and propose adjustments that will ensure the agreed setup indeed helps addressing all the complexities of your implementation project.

Contract and Negotiation Support

Energy trading software projects often fail because of different client and vendor expectations. Discussions during the selection process simply aren’t reflected in the contractual documents. Part of our Project Quality Management approach is to thoroughly accompany and oversee the selection & negotiation process and hence ensures that „oversight surprises“ are avoided from the beginning.

Solution Design and Implementation

Design Validation and Requirements Matching

Deep energy / commodity trading software implementation know-how, market experience and time is required in order to be able to truly ensure that the vendor’s design is complete and correct. The FERDEC team delivered and lead dozens of such complex projects. Embedding our experience in your team ensures that design gaps are identified and addressed soon enough. We spot and solve these before their impact imposes a severe thread on the agreed project timeline and budget.

Implementation Support

Our team members delivered Energy / commodity trading software solutions including requirements & gap analysis, blue prints, solution design, build and testing following both waterfall and agile-based delivery approaches in vendor and client teams in various roles. We’d be delighted to also support you.

Project Management

Program / Project / Team Management

Regardless, whether your implementation is a green field, customization, enhancement, merger, optimization or a replacement project etc., it bears complexities that need to be managed pro-actively and with a proven understanding of the energy / commodity trading software industry. The FERDEC Project Quality Management approach combines proven project management tools and processes with the required hands-on implementation experience. Our senior team members are able to successfully guide your team through their field and management expertise.

„Fire Fighting“

Bringing potential or actual issues on the table and driving their resolution requires a rigorous, structured and solution-oriented approach. Based on our experience of delivering dozens energy / commodity trading software implementation projects with different vendor and client teams, FERDEC has developed the Project Quality Management approach that will also help addressing your concerns quickly. Our senior team members will steer the resolution from day one.

Testing and Migration

Test Management

Alongside the provision of the vendor’s solution design, clients are often asked to prepare test cases and data for the vendor and client testing. The testing needs to allow the validation of the provided solution for all required functionalities. Deep understanding of the business processes and the specific solution design is required in order to ensure that the prepared testing does fulfill its purpose. FERDEC has executed and lead many of unit, integration, performance, user acceptance, regression, upgrade etc. tests and will ensure that your testing will be a success, too.

Data Migration

Vendors often ask the clients to lead and provide the data migration from their legacy system(s). The delivery of the data migration is however one of the reoccurring risk items that need to be managed on project management level. Complexity, dependencies and required effort are underestimated. With our support, the data migration stream will be set up and managed successfully from the initial data mapping clarification till the final performance validation and position reconciliation.

Application Landscape Optimization

License and Maintenance Optimization (Capex / Opex)

The ultimate benefit of FERDEC’s software & maintenance optimization initiative is the creation of a strong basis to optimize your license assets and operational costs.

Application Landscape Analysis and Optimization

Application landscapes evolve over time. New business, market changes and / or optimization initiatives require a regular application and solution landscape analysis. Our senior experts provide independent advise including e.g. „best of breed“, „sweat the asset“, cloud, STP, 24/7 considerations to find the best fit for your needs.

Product Management

Market Requirement Analysis

Standard energy / commodity trading software packages aim at addressing their target client needs using their out-of-the-box functionalities. In order to provide standard functionalities that fulfil the market requirements, the solution design needs to be based on a complete and in-depth requirements' analysis. FERDEC offers to provide support in the product management field and can hence ensure that the vendors' investment does meet the market requirement.

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