FERDEC GmbH – Decision Support and Consultancy

We offer decision support and consultancy in the areas Energy/Commodity Management and Trading, Environmental Systems, and Software Development based on a 25+ years industry and research experience.

FERDEC’s philosophy is to offer top quality consultancy to leading companies without making compromises. We are convinced that superior decision support can make the difference in a high competitive market.

To offer the best possible services to our Clients, we have established the approach of a Centre of Excellence which allows us to offer both: the top qualified consultants of FERDEC and a pool of partners from the industry and the scientific world. This allows us to provide the following services:

Project Quality Management & Software Selection

Similar to the Software Selection, the content-related management of a complex software implementation is extremely challenging and bears a lot of risks.
The process of selecting the right software application(s) for your business is a difficult and risky undertaking with a huge impact on the profitability of your organisation.

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FERDEC’s Transaction Surveillance Tool – ferdecTS®

ferdecTS is a data analytics engine that processes information from multiple sources (e.g. ETRM systems, Broker and Exchange platforms, market information systems) to identify suspicious activities.

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Consultancy and Coaching & Applied Research Projects

Our consultants support renowned players of the energy, environmental and financial sectors in their decision making process around the areas of energy trading, risk management and portfolio management.

Our Clients do not only want to run their existing business in the most efficient way but also need to discover new and/or hidden business opportunities.

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FERDEC Centres of Excellence is an innovative approach to consulting where we follow directly our philosophy to offer the best possible quality and knowledge for a specific and complex area. To maintain this in a sustainable way,

we are constantly working on the development and specialization of our consultants as well as on the extension of our pool of partners. Our ultimate goal is to meet the high standards and expectations of our Clients by delivering first class Decision Support.

Energy Risk Software Rankings 2018, Top 5 Vendor Trade Surveillance Solutions

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