ferdecTS® - Transaction Surveillance for Physical Energy and Commodity Trading

In today’s regulatory environment energy and commodity trading firms need a transaction surveillance solution that understands physical markets.

ferdecTS® was built specifically to address the nuances of physical energy and commodity markets and the complex relationship with financial markets. Virtually all vendor surveillance solutions available in the market today have their origins solely in financial markets.

From a market abuse perspective, physical market factors are numerous and complex compared to pure financial trading. The interplay between physical and financial markets, production assets, transmission and storage capacity are virtually ignored by most transaction surveillance solutions.

ferdecTS® is the exception.

Fully integrated
Transaction Surveillance solution

ferdecTS® ingests and processes information from multiple exchange platforms, brokers, OTC bilateral transactions, as well as other physical market information, including assets, transport/transmission capacities and physical positions, required to detect suspicious behaviour patterns as defined in market abuse regulations such as REMIT and MAR. The solution includes a full drill down capability, case management workflow and reporting capability.

Unique analysis approach
designed for energy and commodities

ferdecTS® recognises that Physical Energy and Commodity markets introduce a significantly higher level of complexity for effective transaction surveillance. Our analysis engine uses a unique, multi-level approach where pattern detection extends beyond standard traded instruments to examine anomalies more likely to comprise part of an abusive strategy, many of which are invisible to most other surveillance solutions. Our approach is proven to significantly reduce false positives without sacrificing accuracy, allowing for a leaner but more effective surveillance function.

Market abuse indicator
coverage and flexibility

ferdecTS® is capable of detecting a wide range of abusive patterns, including all relevant MAR and REMIT patterns. Crucially this includes complex physical scenarios such as Insider Trading, Physical Withholding, Cross-Product Manipulation and Capacity Hoarding. ferdecTS® is also capable of performing effective analysis even when only a subset of available market data is provided such is the unique design of the solution.

ferdecTS® is the only transaction surveillance solution that provides effective surveillance for physical energy and commodity markets.

Flexible commercial model to suit your business needs

We fully recognise that not all firms have the same surveillance requirements. We also recognise that effective surveillance involves a cost which most firms seek to minimise a much as possible. Some firms opt for solutions which perform the bare minimum, others attempt to build their own tools. Our range of offerings are designed to make both of these approaches redundant by providing market leading surveillance at an optimal outlay.

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