Dr. Wolfgang Ferse

Dr. Wolfgang Ferse


Wolfgang has 25+ years experience in management, consultancy, and software development in the areas Energy (Decision Support, Trading, Risk Management, Logistics) and Environmental Protection (Decision Support).

Prior to founding FERDEC, Wolfgang was with OpenLink for 12 years, at last in the position of Executive Vice President Commodity and Energy Solutions. OpenLink is the world’s leading provider of Energy Trading and Risk Management software.
In 2001 Wolfgang founded and built up the German OpenLink company in Berlin with the main focus on providing services for Commodity and Energy Trading and Risk Management which he led as a Managing Director until 2008.

In August 2008, Wolfgang moved to OpenLink’s headquarters in New York to become the global head of OpenLink’s Commodity & Energy Solutions. In this position, he and his international team were responsible for analyzing and synchronizing the requirements of OpenLink’s worldwide commodity and energy client base to design and develop strategic solutions supporting the complete value chain: producing, trading, risk management, logistics, and optimization. He was also involved in the strategic company decisions around acquisitions and geographical or structural growth.

Prior to OpenLink, Wolfgang worked for two years as Solution Manager at IBM. Wolfgang had the overall responsibility for the development and delivery of energy trading, risk management and optimization solutions throughout EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). His solution group also ran Energy Trading and Risk Management implementation projects at multiple European energy clients.

For the 10 years prior to IBM, Wolfgang worked in the Research Centre Rossendorf, Germany, as the head of a department for applied decision analysis and risk management which he founded. He led long term projects for decision support systems in the environmental and energy industries. His department, which he founded, mainly focused on modeling of complex decisions using different methods such as knowledge-based approaches and normative decision theory, and implementing these models in software solutions. Wolfgang also was responsible for several consulting projects at German utility companies regarding the end-to-end business process of energy trading, optimization and sale.

Throughout all of this career, Wolfgang has kept the passion of transferring knowledge about the energy industry to other people via direct teaching or presentations and publications.

Wolfgang holds a Masters degree in Energy Engineering and a PhD of Nuclear Engineering.

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